Bar Brothers (Calisthenics/Body weight)

Bar Brothers

The Bar Brothers ‘Lazar’ and ‘Dusan’ are two guys that not only do they have a six pack to rock but the bodies to go along with it, Click Here!

Bar brothers transformation

The Bar Brothers System is a 12-week comprehensive body weight training system.

It is designed for men and women of all training levels. The Bar Brothers System works for beginners just starting on a bar. It also works for experts with years of fitness training. This is because the challenges are based on your body type and weight.

Body weight training is the purest form of exercise because it uses your own weight to challenge multiple muscle groups at once. It leads to full and dynamic body strength which is nearly impossible to achieve with weight training alone.

With the System you will gain immediate access to over 140 instructional videos (each video contains step-by-step instructions for your daily workout routine) which will help you to master body weight training and achieve dynamic muscle development. You will also gain access to weekly exercise plans to keep you motivated and on track towards your goals. To find out more about this awesome program Bar Brothers and how they got their bodies like this just Click Here!

bar brothers Lazar

Bar Brothers

is a worldwide family of men and women working together to become better and achieve success. It’s not a start and stop gym membership, it’s a lifestyle of winners. The System is designed so that anyone can improve their life and achieve their fitness goals.

We want everyone to be the very best that they can be. When you join the system you’ll become part of a worldwide movement. Sharing motivation with other brothers and sisters will make it easy for you to find the drive and desire you need to keep going! The best thing about the program is that it is cheap for the amount of training and information you get so Click Here! to learn all about it.

bar brothers


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