Commando Steve: 7 of the best butt exercises you'll need for perfect glutes


The moves that seriously lift your butt

Commando Steve: 7 of the best butt exercises you'll need for perfect glutes


The weather here in Australia is warming up and summer is just around the corner (cue the applause!). You know what that means, right? Bikinis, boardshorts and tank tops. Nobody wants to be seen in that kind of gear when you’re not feeling fit and toned, so here are some of the best exercises to get your butt-ready for the summer.


There are loads of different variations to the lunge; plyometric, dumbbell, reverse, rear foot elevated… and the list goes on. If you want a perfectly shaped butt then you’ll want to get onto any of these. Each does something slightly different, so try mixing it up and get all of them into your routines.

Check out how to do a lunge here.


Again, there’s a truckload of different types of squats out there and most of them will really tone those glutes up for you. My personal favourites are back squats, box squats (where you sit back onto a low box, pause for a second then stand up again), and Single Leg Squats. Remember to get that butt as low as possible while maintaining good form.


This one will not only tighten up your tush, but it will also help strengthen and tone the muscles in your legs & back – thus giving your backside a better shape. Plus they’ll make you strong – and everyone likes strong!

Check out how to do a deadlift here.

Step Ups

You’ll feel these ones shaping your posterior while you’re doing them! They’ll also help tone up your legs which will help give that “step out” appearance to your butt. Try adding some weight, like a set of dumbbells to really get your muscles burning.

Hill Sprints

Sprints are magic because they not only burn a heap of calories during and after your workout, they also work your fast twitch muscles (think of the difference between a sprinter and a marathon runner’s body).

Throw in a hill here and you’ll really target those buns. Plus, that extra calorie burn will help dispose of any unwanted fat stored on the areas around your butt.

Kettlebell Swings

These bad boys are all about your glutes. Yes they work most of your major muscle groups, but getting your butt behind each swing is what really drives this exercise. Really focus on tightening up your cheeks as you swing that bell.

Check out how to do a kettlebell swing here.


If you really want to get those buns of steel you’ll need to make sure you’re spending time on your mobility, especially around your lower body. Get that foam roller and trigger point ball out and work that tension out, especially after a hard training session.

Check out this stretch and strengthen sequence with a foam roller here.


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