Fitness Trackers: How to Cut Through the Hype and Find the One for You

Fitness tracker which one do I pick?

A fitness tracker should be easy to use, comfortable to wear and tell you what you need to know.

With so many models available it can be a headache figuring out which one works for you.

When selecting a fitness tracker, you will first want to consider what you need and what your goals are.

  • Are you looking to increase your steps?
  • Looking to do a certain intensity level of activity?
  • Cover a certain distance?
  • Track your heart rate?
  • Be water resistant?

This will determine if you need a basic tracker, a tracker with heart rate monitoring capability, or a tracker with GPS capability.

Fitness tracker

A basic tracker will count your steps and works for the most basic user. This would be an ideal option for someone new to fitness.

For a more seasoned fitness enthusiast, a heart rate tracker may be a better fit as it will not only allow you to track steps but allow you to maintain and monitor a certain heart rate during physical activity.

For the ultimate fitness enthusiast, a GPS tracker may be the best fit as it will allow you to cover all your bases and can come in handy for marathoners and cyclists who may be looking to record distance covered.

Once you have determined what you need from a fitness tracker you’ll want to consider the following additional features. Activity notification, water resistance, wireless syncing, warranty options, and design.

Activity notification is an excellent feature for individuals looking to hit a certain goal each day.

Swimmers and those who sweat heavily during physical exercise may be interested in water resistance.

Since these devices are meant to be worn during physical activity warranty options can also be a deciding factor.

Recommended Fitness Trackers

Best Under $100: Garmin Vivofit 3
Best Heart Rate Monitoring: Fitbit Charge 2
Best Heart Rate Monitoring and GPS Tracking: Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Once you have a fitness tracker get used to using it and learn how to take advantage of all its features, as it will help you increase your fitness training program.

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